Net Metering

When you have a solar system and are being billed for net metering, you are charged only for the net amount of energy you use during each billing period. In other words, this is the amount of energy the utilty delivers to you minus the excess amount you send back to the smart grid. And, if you send more energy to the grid than it delivers to you, you can receive credits on your bill. This program allows you to make full use of your own solar energy system, giving you more control over your energy costs. This is known as 1:1 net metering, and is a very consumer friendly perk in our area.

A customer already on the virtual net metering program may enroll the host account on Time of Use (TOU) rates, but the satellite accounts are not eligible to participate in TOU. Click here to learn more. 

Solar energy systems of customers who want to participate in net metering are limited in capacity to no greater than 50kW (residential only) or 3,000kW (non-residential only) in size and so that they generate no more than 110% of the customer’s expected annual electricity usage. The 110% limit only applies if the customer leases the system. However, if the customer owns the solar energy system, the 50kW size limit (residential only) or 3,000kW size limit (non-residential only) still applies but not the 110% limit.